To create a header or footer

On the File Options menu, click Page Setup.

In the Header or Footer box, type the letter and character combination from the following table.



Insert the open file's name or (Blank document) if the file has no name.


Insert the date.


Insert the time specified by your computer's clock.


Insert page numbers.


Insert an ampersand (&).


Align the header or footer to the left, center, or right.

&l, &c, or &r


  1. You can use more than one combination in the Header or Footer box. Leaving a space or two between each combination will make the header or footer easier to read.

  2. To align text to the left, center, or right, you must first enter &l, &c, or &r in the Header or Footer box, followed by any other combinations you want to use.

  3. You can also incorporate text with the combinations. For example, Page &p will print out as Page 1, Page 2, and so on.

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