Shortcut Buttons Explained

As you may have noticed, In version 6.0 and later, there are new buttons that have appeared in the menu bar. I will explain what each one is for.


Creates a New Blank Document sheet for you to work with


Opens a file for you to work on, modify and continue


Saves your current progress. This becomes Save as when saving for the first time for each new document created.


Prints the current document onto paper.


Cuts out a piece of the document and prepares it for pasting


Similar to Cut, only it makes a clone of the piece of document that you copied.


Pastes what you have cut or copied into the document in the area of your choosing


Undo the mistake you have done, or remove something that you didn't mean to do


This unique symbol is often referred to as Font. This will allow you to change the font in the document.


Allows you to goto a specific section in the document.


Makes it easier to find something within the document


Enables/Disables Word Wrap


Select All text within the document Word Wrap


Exit, Close out of the program




Exit, Close out the program

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