Preventing a 500 Internal Error

A 500 Internal Server Error is a message that occurs when either your Server is Overloaded, Fails or if you did something wrong in your htaccess file. To avoid this error from occurring when writing your htaccess document, make sure that you did not try to insert an illegal code/operation, misspelled a function or forgot to insert a function. Always take the extra minute to re-read your htaccess document to make sure that you did not overlook anything. The following functions are almost always overlooked and will cause a 500 Error message to be displayed. Make sure that you have spelled these functions correctly. That's why I'm including this in this Manual.

Functions that are often misspelled and overlooked

RewriteRule RewriteCond RewriteEngine


+FollowSymLinks -Indexes +Indexes

AuthName AuthUserFile AuthType

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