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About Me

My Education
• 2005-2009 Ecole Secondaire E. J. Lajeunesse
• 2009 Ecole Secondaire l'Essor
• 2014-Present Udemy Online Schooling

My Knowledge and Expertise
I have a deep understanding when it comes to HTML5.
I practice my knowledge of PHP and CSS3 regularly.
I have great understanding of Mobile Web Building and how to make great sites work well with Mobile devices without the need for re-creating a seperate mobile version of the site itself.

ULIX TxT Editor
Developed by Kambel Serle

Download ULIX TxT Editor

My Certifications
I have received my Certificate of Completion for PHP and MySQL by Infinite Skills via online schooling with Udemy.
I have also received my Certificate of Completion for the course on building Apps for iPhone and iPad presented to me also by Infinite Skills Inc. via Udemy. I have been recently granted my Certificates of Completion for Creating an HTML5 Video Player, Creating an HTML5 MP3 Player and finally CSS Development {with CSS3!} also made possible via online schooling with Udemy. ***A copy of these Certificates can be obtained upon request.***

My Works in progress
I have designed many websites over the years and the following is a list of websites that i own and operate. These sites are Family Safe and SSL encrypted.
The following is a list of the websites that I am currently maintaining over Dedicated IPs and over purchased domains, aside from this site my work includes:
http://zendasearch.com       A Search Engine. SSL SHA-1 264-BIT ENCRYPTION. Ded. IP
http://www.miyustory.com     A File Sharing Site. DEDICATED IP ADDRESS.
http://kambelserle.info      Current Site
http://ulixtxteditor.org     Open-sourced Text and Code editing software
http://vnlproductions.com    In progress

Software that I have designed